28 February 2011


I am not an "outdoors" type of girl, but this weekend I got cut and bruised stomping through bushes in the forest, waded through freezing cold dirty water and did a little rock climbing all in the name of art.

I had the pleasure of styling a shoot with the talented Arden Ward of Arden Photography this weekend for a brainchild that's been brewing over the past four months. Sometimes when I'm concepting for a shoot, an image or idea will pop into my head that I just can't get over. This was one of those moments and every detail had to be perfect. I knew I would have to construct the gown that was dancing around in my head in order to pull it off. {For a peak into the construction of the dress, check out last week's post What's Happening in the Studio.} I can't even begin to express how blown away I was by the finished product. It was more than I had ever expected. The lovely Rebekah Harris couldn't have been more breathtaking. A huge thank you to Rebekah for being such a trooper! 

These are a few "behind the scenes" shots from my trusty iPhone. I hope to be posting some of the actual shots soon and believe me I'm saving the best for last! 

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  1. lovely! I thought that was you in Arden's photos (on facebook!)! I can't wait to see the results!



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