28 February 2011


I am not an "outdoors" type of girl, but this weekend I got cut and bruised stomping through bushes in the forest, waded through freezing cold dirty water and did a little rock climbing all in the name of art.

I had the pleasure of styling a shoot with the talented Arden Ward of Arden Photography this weekend for a brainchild that's been brewing over the past four months. Sometimes when I'm concepting for a shoot, an image or idea will pop into my head that I just can't get over. This was one of those moments and every detail had to be perfect. I knew I would have to construct the gown that was dancing around in my head in order to pull it off. {For a peak into the construction of the dress, check out last week's post What's Happening in the Studio.} I can't even begin to express how blown away I was by the finished product. It was more than I had ever expected. The lovely Rebekah Harris couldn't have been more breathtaking. A huge thank you to Rebekah for being such a trooper! 

These are a few "behind the scenes" shots from my trusty iPhone. I hope to be posting some of the actual shots soon and believe me I'm saving the best for last! 

25 February 2011


These whimsical watercolor illustrations by Ekaterina Koroleva are so inspiring. Here's to a creative weekend!

24 February 2011


I ran by Soca Clothing in Downtown Homewood on my way home yesterday and discovered these adorable little hoop earrings by Viv & Ingrid. Since I love design details and small objects, I instantly fell in love with the packaging. Each pair of little hoops come with a fabric pouch to store them in. Seriously?! Selecting the little pouch you want is almost as difficult as deciding which pair of earrings to get. They're all so lovely. Thank you Viv & Ingrid for making these so darn cute! 

23 February 2011


I've been working on this dress for an upcoming photo shoot and I'm so giddy I can't stand it! This is definitely the most fun piece I've worked on and I can't wait for you guys to see the finished product.  I'm normally really bad about documenting the process of most things I make, and seeing things take shape is the most fascinating part of design to me. Starting now, I'm going to try real hard to photograph as I go. So here begins our journey of the first garment.

When it comes to designing a piece such as this, I prefer to drape on a dress form. I always begin by pinning the uncut fabric in different ways to see what composition I like. Once I have settled on the basic shape, I start to measure and cut everything out. I wanted this dress to have a lot of depth so I'm using multiple layers of fabric starting with the lining and building numerous layers of tulle on top until it's full enough. (Can it ever be too full!) I love working with this fabric! 

So, this is only half way done. I'll be posting the rest of the process along with photos of the finished product in the next week or two so stay tuned!




22 February 2011


With the weather getting warmer, all I want to wear is breezy, over-sized blouses. ASOS has some great ones right now.  I want them all!

21 February 2011


I featured the Spring 2011 Collection of Marchesa earlier this year and I'm just as blown away by her Fall 2011 pieces.  These are my favs but go HERE to check out the rest of her collection.

18 February 2011


Anyone else totally stoked it's Friday!? Have a fabulous weekend!

{hair * party}

14 February 2011


I'm all in a tizzy over here! Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you are well aware of the new bridal line BHLDN from the amazing people who bring you Anthropologie. Let me tell you, it is everything you ever dreamed it would be. Whether you are a bride to be or not, you all need to get your buns over there and check it out. They have some fabulous special occassion dresses and hair accessories that'll make your heart flutter. These are my favorites! I'd love to hear which ones make you swoon!


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