26 August 2010


My favorite time of year is upon us: boot season! It's my mission every year to find a great boot for the season. The lace-up booty is the boot this year. They are so casual and comfy. No silly heels to slow you down. I purchased a great pair at the beginning of spring and have been dying to wear them. Hopefully the dreadful heat will subside soon so that I can whip them out. Happy hunting for your perfect pair.

{70s Texas Roper by Raggedy Threads}
{Gray by Daniel and Jamie}
{Black Riding Boot by Raiarox}

21 August 2010

01 August 2010


I am amazed by the art of laser cutting. The intricate detailing is so crisp and feminine. You see it almost everywhere these days, from fashion textiles to decorations for the home. These were a few of my favorite finds.

{decorations by Eunsuk Hur}
{gray lace necklace by Eninaj}


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