31 March 2011


Here are a few photos from Paris Fashion Week to start your morning off right - provided by none other than one of my favorites, Streetfsn. Let's get our fashion act together, Birmingham! 

28 March 2011


Amy Smilovic, designer of Tibi, has an impeccable ability to create pieces that exude an effortless sophistication. Her path to fashion designer is just as inspiring as her creations. She dabbled in design on the side as she was finishing school, but it wasn't until a few years of being in the business world that she actually pursued fashion as a career. Now, look at her! I love seeing people work their way to the top based purely on a passion to do what you love. Definitely feeling inspired on this drab Monday! 

24 March 2011


I love giving presents and oftentimes am more excited about the packaging than the actual gift. I'm always looking for fun gift wrap ideas and interesting supplies. I stumbled across this cute shop, Caramelos, today that has some really great accent strings, ribbon and various extras to personalize whatever it is you may be wrapping. I loved these frilly, fuzzy ones!

16 March 2011


I get so bored with wearing the same swimsuit over and over again, but it can be pricey to purchase a new one every year.  This year my friend, Mia, and I have decided to make our own! I've been doing some research for design ideas and these are my top two.  Of course, they're by Free People! If all goes well, I'll be documenting the process along with the end results. So excited!

04 March 2011


Dreaming of the beach on this Friday afternoon.  Have a lovely weekend!

photos by Guy Aroch : Free People March 2011


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