27 December 2010


I got super spoiled this Christmas. The festivities began with a special visit from Chris and Julie, lovely friends from New York we never see. (Oh how I wish you would move back.) Then, Jordan and I had our Christmas before he headed up to Knoxville to spend time with his family. Somehow I managed to have four Christmases this year - with Jordan, dad, mom and again from Jordan's family. So many lovely gifts from lovely people. I highly recommend spreading present time out like this. It feels like Christmas lasts for five days. What could be better than that? Oh, I know - a snowy Christmas! Yes sir. It snowed practically the entire weekend. It was the first snowy Christmas of my life. Better late than never.

Seeing as I like to make things insanely difficult for myself, I had decided to build Jordan a modular coffee table but procrastinated on getting started. I spent most of the holiday learning to build furniture with my step dad. He is quite the handy man. I'll be posting later this week with photos of the process and the finished product, so stay tuned!

All in all I would say it was one of the best Christmases in a long time. Thank you to everyone for making it so memorable. I hope you all had a lovely holiday as well. I would love to hear about the treasures you guys received. These were a few of my favorite pieces.

23 December 2010


Randi Brookman Harris is one talented stylist and her path to stardom is so dang inspiring. She's always been quite the talented lady, but began her career as an art director. She had been working in the world of design and typography for a few years but never felt she was expressing her creative juices to the fullest. It wasn't until she attended a lecture by the design staff of Martha Stewart that she discovered her dream job - prop stylist.

Having an eye for pattern and texture and a natural talent for organizing trinkets, she knew this was the job for her. She scored an interview with the style director for Martha Stewart and was determined to prove her styling abilities despite her experience as a graphic designer. She worked her magic and was awarded the position where she spent the next five years learning and growing as a stylist. She now works as a freelance stylist collaborating with companies such as J. Crew and Kate Spade, just to name a few. You can read the full interview with Brookman Harris on A Little Sussy. It is seriously so inspiring.

These are some of my favorite photos from a shoot she did with another incredibly talented lady, Anna Wolf. You put these two women in a room together and they're bound to create something phenomenal.

photography by Anna Wolf
styled by Randi Brookman Harris

21 December 2010

20 December 2010


This makes me laugh every time I stumble across it on Anthropologie. I'm not one to dress up animals, but I sure like this puppy dress. I wish they made a human version.

16 December 2010


For all of you in need of some fresh holiday tunes, Jordan just released his annual Christmas Mixtape. You can download it here - 2010 Christmas Mixtape. And just in case you missed them, albums from 2007, 2008 and 2009 are there too! So much festive music!

2007 * 2008 * 2009




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