08 June 2011


I can't even handle the new Free People's Call of the Wild June 2011 catalog. My jaw literally dropped when I saw these images. They're so freaking styled and sexy. I love the crazy, tangled hair adorned with baubles and feathers. (There's a how-to video if you're feeling daring.) Here's to a summer full of tribal print, crocheted frocks, beads and feathers!

11 May 2011


Finding a great lamp shade can be tricky. I'm always drawn to the embellished ones with lots of texture and interest, but they are usually not in my budget. Then there is the whole size and shape factor. I may stumble across a shade at the thrift store that is the perfect fit but it's an awful shade of pink or the fabric is tattered. 

I started doing some research about revamping old shades and what materials work best, and I discovered the countless options and designs that can be created with felt! It is an inexpensive material with a great deal of structure and visual interest. I absolutely loved this shade featured on design*sponge. It is such a cute and clever way to spice up an old lamp.

So if you're looking for something crafty to do this Saturday and you have a shade that needs a makeover, sign up for the Ruched Felt Lamp Shade Craft Lab. You can find out more information and view the class calendar here

Craft Lab : Felt Lamp Shade
Saturday, May 14th 10am to 12pm
1665 28th Avenue South
Homewood, AL 35209

28 April 2011


Here are some things you can look forward to if you will be attending The Swell Building Open House this evening. 

2. You will receive $5 off your first class when you sign up at the event. Hooray!
3. There will be a giveaway for two free Craft Lab sessions when you sign up for a sewing lab.  

And in case you forgot, here is the event information.

The Swell Building
1665 28th Avenue South
Homewood, AL 35209
Thursday, April 28th
6:00pm to 8:00pm

{28th Avenue is off of Central Avenue right across from Irontribe}

In the wake of the numerous tornados that devastated our home state yesterday, we will also be raising funds to donate for the relief efforts. 


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